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You can have everything you"ve ever wanted and still suffer from a mental illness

Did you know Jacobsen syndrome is not a disease? It"s not a chronic illness, either. It"s a genetic condition in which the 11th chromosome gets a bit broken and loses some of its information.There are barely more than 200 known cases of Jacobsens Syndrome worldwide..

I lost 120lbs in less than a year I have an incurable, chronic, terminal illness that requires me2 eat” intravenously via so I have a tube hanging out of my chest, do you have any suggestions on how to camouflage it?As it is, I just let it hang out.

Driving in to work this morning, I was thinking about my own eating habits – what “makes them” and what “breaks them.”  I thought about what the greatest challenge was/is for me from day to day.  To take it back a few steps, you should understand that I recently got back from a vacation where we spent a lot of.

Are you kidding? This guy has not been relevant since the Clash had a hit song. A GQ vlog, from his basement, hardly equates to MSM. He is a kook and a poster boy for liberal mental illness.

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Just seen the footage of horrible to watch. Such a brave man hope he conquers his illness soon !

Love is a serious mental illness -Plato

Fire on them, please. Wake up, i"m fucking peaking in illness, and have been thruout, for no good reason. Not a fucking soul is in me life, and not a soul was consented to. I am sick to the teeth, of my life taken up with external, i have no fucking plans to be involved with.

Tony, I"m absolutely devastated for you - no one deserves this, this illness is so cruel. My good friend also succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer. It was also a great pleasure to meet you Pre-London Marathon 2015. Sincere condolences to you and your family.

Absolutely no need for it and mocking anyone due to any illness is just low. You may have detested them as a player but show a bit of respect towards them and their family at a difficult time.

Шизофрени́я (от др.-греч. σχίζω — «расщеплять, раскалывать» + φρήν — «ум, мышление, мысль».

Well i suppose it"s ok, but the concept of it does not seem normal when i was a kid boys were boys and girls were girls, the gender neutral bringing up of of childern is a mental illness

Yes please and less a*chie, also tell him to address mental illness in the right fucking way. Thanks.

I"ve got a chronic illness and spent a good few years in and out of hospital ( mostly better now ) and the nurses were wonderful and caring and the doctors calm and understanding and both anxious to help and they should be treasured