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From hi-tech kitchen gadgets to hot recipes, locally sourced produce and the latest culinary trends, Sophie Morris has all the bookmarks an obsessive foodie needs

Great quality meat from Somerset, including home-reared 28-day hung beef as well as local lamb, pork and chicken around the UK. Choose pre-mixed boxes such as Belly and Brisket, Wings and Ribs, Thrifty Beef or Hungry Student, from £18, or sign up for a regular delivery.

Ole Martin-Hansen smokes his salmon in east London, but the recipe comes from his great-grandfather, the first of four generations of Norwegian salmon smokers, using a special family recipe including juniper and beech wood. Available in some of the best restaurants, and to buy online.

Игру́шка — предмет, предназначенный для игры. Воссоздавая реальные и воображаемые.

People will be generalising their dumb ass opinions. Like if your girlfriends are dating you for your money, that"s your personal problem. Don"t come and add the rest of us inside!

If you’re dating someone 5+ years older than you when you’re underage, and you get upset at me for telling you that’s disgusting there’s something fucking wrong with you