Topics: Marijuana users are more creative than non-users, finds.

All p ersons working in the OLCC-licensed recreational marijuana industry, including licensees, must have a valid Marijuana Worker Permit. This includes anyone.

The latest medical marijuana news; strains of weed, marijuana edibles, and marijuana products reviews; all about weed dispensaries, headshops, and the upcoming marijuana events.

In Colorado, patients with Medical Marijuana cards only pay sales tax of 8% white Recreational users pay almost 30%. Also, prices of flower, edibles, etc are substantially less costly than in the Recreational side.

Too busy busting marijuana users.

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California legalized the recreational use of marijuana and I suggest you keep your rec. The taxation is CRAZY for recreational users.

No human being is illegal. Lots of people break laws. Do you call recreational marijuana users or bad drivers illegals ?

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Agreed! I think it"s a joke how harshly the league penalizes marijuana users while turning a blind eye to more serious offenses. That being said, it"s a rule and gotta follow it. I think I"m more surprised these guys still get arrested for it. Don"t put yourself in that situation

I posted a comment on an Instagram post about how Hockey football and now I’m getting a ton of hate from football players. Right behind marijuana users, they are the easiest people to piss off

Canada"s does not want you to purchase until it is legal, illegal activity will still happen with with chemicals added to enhance the stupor users feel

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I say, let marijuana users and dealers out WAY before this disgusting person: