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Art imitates life in this quietly devastating masterpiece from Hong Sangsoo. Kim Minhee (The Handmaiden, Right Now, Wrong Then)—in the role that won her the Silver Bear for best actress in Berlin—plays Younghee, an actress reeling in the aftermath of an affair with a married film director. Younghee visits Hamburg then returns to Korea, but as she meets with friends and has her fair share to drink, increasingly startling confessions emerge.

When I look back over the last 25 years, in some ways what seems most precious is not what we have made but how we have made it and what we have learned as a consequence of that. I always think that there are two products at the end of a programme; there is the physical product or the service, the thing that you have managed to make, and then there is all that you have learned. The power of what you have learned enables you to do the next thing and it enables you to do the next thing better. — Jony Ive From the Wallpaper article on the new Apple campus.

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Гили – это суперживотный отдых. То есть, если вы не собираетесь дайвить или рыбачить, приготовьтесь есть, лежать и больше ничего не делать.

Все три острова устроены по одному принципу – красивые пляжи, на берегу которых стоят ресторанчики и отели/бунгало. Вдоль берега проходит дорожка, по которой на маленьких лошадках катают туристов. Можно взять в аренду велосипед и отправиться в «кругоостровное» путешествие.