Topics: Is it okay to ask a Starbucks barista for her phone number?

This Frappuccino from Japan is inspired by the Japanese Sakura tradition. In this pink Frapp there are actually no cherries. It is a blend of cream and strawberries mixed with white chocolate and matcha drizzle, covered with whipped cream and matcha sprinkles on top. If you’re a strawberry and matcha lover, you should definitely try this sweet creamy beverage!

The Starbucks vanilla latte is a sweet way to get your caffeine fix. While you can select from a wide selection of awesome flavored syrups to add to your latte, the vanilla syrup is one of the most popular requests that Starbucks baristas report adding to their customers’ lattes. Don’t forget that you can personalize this drink and request an extra shot of espresso if you want a heavier coffee flavor, or if you just need an extra energy boost!

This beverage is delicious and comforting and one of the most popular Starbucks drinks. It tastes like warm milk with a relatively subtle coffee taste considering the fact that it actually contains a couple of shots of espresso. This drink is smooth, tasty and definitely a perfect option for a rainy day!

If I were dating myself I would surprise myself with Starbucks everyday it would be so adorable.

I became a Gold member at Starbucks today so and I are finally officially dating

Might as well get used to dating Starbucks for the remainder of the year

Sorry I’m late for my first day as Lead Coffee Fetcher, but called me wanting dating advice.

If you need new headshots for social media, LinkedIn, dating profiles, etc., I work for donations in food, Starbucks, or cash in my hand.

My dating strategy? Hope that someone sees me at Starbucks for the seventh day in a row and finds my committed relationship attractive.

Pat I went to Starbucks and then on the way back he saw a homeless man so he gave him his drink I"m dating such a nice guy

I haven"t had Starbucks. Since I quit dating white girls.

Dating me is so awful. Just went to pandaexpress for the food Starbucks for the ice and cvs for a CAN of coke

The tattooed and pierced all over girl at Starbucks goes, omg you have a donut tattoo on your arm? That"s so cool! Yup we"re dating now