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"Squeeze" is the third episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series The X-Files. It premiered on the Fox network on September 24, 1993.

Nothing. [Lil squeeze. He lets go before he says something too tender for Not Dating. Instead he snags his bento and practically inhales it]

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Based on my past experiences I"d probably have more luck if my dating profile said, I have a blackhead that I"d love for you to squeeze.

Death grip me like a vise and squeeze out all my innocence, there"s none left.

I only take men I"m dating to see a movie so when the bad guy comes, I can squeeze his palm or laugh and fall on him and kiss. Sorry nna

If she"s a Cowboys fan and y"all dating, she"ll squeeze the mess out of your arm if it"s a close game