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According to Vedic astrologers Mercury (Budh) is the key significator of one`s intelect and inteligence. Mercury is a neutral planet and takes on the character and nature of the influencing planets based upon it`s positioning. According to expert Vedic astrologers a Mercury transit can bring about s..

Daily Horoscope AQUARIUS July 20, 2017 - Duur: 1:39.

This is what I look like browsing astrology sites at midnight

Please forgive format differences or typos, I’m doing this from my phone since I am not currently by the computer. The sun represents your core identity and mars represents your competitive energy. This aspect suggests that the very spirit of competition is engraved into your very personality. HOW and WHERE this manifests is described by … More Sun Conjunct Mars

I m also an aquarius.There is this scopio guy that keeps staring at me but doesn t talk to me.Should I make the first move and talk to him??He stares at me at lunch too.

best places to meet a girl in college

Both these sites are biased in their exposes. Did they expose the fake stories of UP education budget or MP medical astrology?

Good Golly Astrology is a fun and informative astrology website that shows how to use astrology to help improve your romantic relationships, as well as provide insight into the lives of famous people from all walks of life.

Do you have any good astrology book recs or sites to learn from?