Topics: I am looking to date a cowboy from oklahoma and i cant find one, anyone know good sites?

Generate code and giftcards for your favorite sites - Duur: 1:57.

Generate code and giftcards for your favorite sites - Duur: 1:57.

YouTube's premium ad program is no longer part of the "Logang," as fans of Logan Paul are sometimes called. The video platform has kicked Paul out of Google Preferred, after he filmed a dead body in a forest known for suicides in Japan and posted it to YouTube on Dec. 31. Preferred is meant to ensure brands run their ads alongside quality content. Ads will still be served on Paul's content through the YouTube Partner Program. Continue reading at

The buzz on the Cowboys forums is that the site is changing to the NFL format and we"ll lose the forum section. Does this mean that we"re going to lose the site shows like Talkin" Cowboys too?

Don"t watch unless the Cowboys are on and haven"t visited their site for years other than for fantasy football. I did however turned into espn a few months ago cause they were showing cornhole tournaments. That was amazing

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Your comment shows that you do not know much about Cowboys football. What is so pathetic is the Cowboys have 3 and half hours of daily programming on their site and most fraud Cowboys fan have no idea because they are stupid and rely on ESPN and NFL Network.