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So far, Rachel Lindsay is proving to be one of the best leads in the history of the ABC franchise, and we can't say we're surprised.

Last night, the likes of Ashton Kutcher , Mila Kunis , and even NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar stopped by to help Rachel sift through the various contestants which ultimately ended in one dude, DeMario Jackson , being publicly exposed on national television by his girlfriend. It was glorious.

Hollywood's favorite couple/unsuspecting super fans Ashton and Mila hosted a "husband material" obstacle course where Dean , Jack , Jonathan , Blake , Diggy , Kenny , Fred , and Lucas were challenged by having to change a diaper, strap a baby into a BabyBjörn, vacuum, pull hair out of a drain, and set a table.

Older Daryll tells Alex to stop pining over Nori and move on, getting him on a dating website and making him do the right thing and tell her fiancee that she hates turquoise. I"m really sad that the rest of this show isn"t airing because I truly liked it : (

You think Roy Moore is going to respond to the demands of a talk show host? And what would be a satisfactory explanation for dating a child?

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Mr Trump described his own daughter as hot , voluptuous and a  piece of ass  when she was 16 years old, on a public talk show. He later said he would be dating her if she weren"t his daughter.

Yes there was actually cheesy dating show music

i'm dating a girl with a boyfriend

What is your love story? How do you show love to your spouse?

Conflating personal behavior dating women with sexual assault/harassment is not a great way to show your remorse or understanding of your actions.

Today, I got asked to be on a dating show on Buzzfeed from a random producer but what’s even better is HOW she asked me.

Seems to me that Moore could simply tell us who he was dating in the late 70s/early 80s. That"s not so hard. Just give us the names/show us some photos. It would be just that easy at least to prove he really did date older women.