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Credible research has now established that male fertility is continuously falling 1 and  infertility is now caused by men in up to 60% of couples 2 .   Consuming fertility enhancing supplements is therefore becoming an increasingly popular method to boost sperm quality for a variety of reasons:

We have tested twelve  products, which are available on the UK high street or can be delivered to UK addresses. They are listed here in order of descending test scores. Please note that

The detailed break down for our composition-against-value comparison for all eleven products can be viewed by clicking on the table.

I"m not too sure but 70% sure u can still enter because they"ll only scan the bar code I think ( from my experience )

Ours can not scan them either.

Thanks Chairman, but not one I have looked closely at, think I will have another look though after a brief scan. Need to look not just at numbers though - perhaps newspapers etc a sunset industry?

So nervous for the doctors. Having an ultrasound ( I AINT PREGNANT, ITS ME PELVIS WE’RE LOOKING AT ) , and I need a nervous wee but I’m not allowed to pee. And it’s either gonna be like an external scan ( jelly stuff ) or an internal ( camera thing stuck up ya vag ) so that’s fun.

Were not sure hun just waiting for a scan.

Mr Dymond Do you have a working brain? This is the worst analogy I’ve ever read in a long time. Your thought processes are not working at full capacity. Maybe a CAT scan is in order?