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Ever wondered how and why you become attracted to someone or how to know if they're feeling the same way? And, for those of you with long-term lovers : How can you get back those first feelings of tingly chemistry ? Beverly Palmer, Ph.D. and professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, whose area of expertise includes the science behind attraction, love , sexuality and flirting , answers these questions and more. Read on, as she reveals the number-one sign of passion and five ways to rekindle it once it fades.

Greatest Sign of Passion

The most important sign of attraction is mutual eye contact, says Palmer, who is also a spokesperson for the American Psychological Association. This is a brief glance, initially. It is not a stare, because staring is hostile. If a woman glances at a guy and he notices, he ll probably glance back. In turn, the woman will probably look again, and if he s interested, he ll look again. This repeated volleying of eye contact is an indication of mutual interest and can lead to more body signals.

4. Be Afraid

"When people's fear is increased, they tend to have the same hormones activated as the ones that are activated in sexual attractions. And you can interpret that reaction as, 'Oh, I feel closer to this person I'm with in this fearful situation,'" Palmer explains. Whether you're on a rollercoaster ride or watching a scary movie, being frightened can give you that rush that can cause you to grab for the person you're with.

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