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But frfr dating in this day age is the experience from hell. Nobody wants to do anything, everything is more about sex, don’t nobody wanna communicate. Seriously convinced dating won’t be a thing till 35.

Healthy? We’re talking dating here, not making lifelong decisions loooool it really is simple. If I broke up w/ my bf today, id still love him in 6 months in 12 months so on. Love doesn’t disappear like that. Would I date other people? 100%. Am I ‘unhealthy’ for that? Hell NO

Some are dating pple who bite that clitz in the name of nasty and wild. Bt then again, some are dating pple who can"t even find them.

If I was dating someone and they still talked to they ex first off about what? Cause I"m the type yeah I understand y"all got history but that"s it end of story. In other situations it"s different like kids, divorce, understandable even understand they need closure cool.

These are not for me but wow im in love. If we were dating i"d buy you three pairs

Crying imagine entomologist!jihoon dating daniel, daniel took jihoon to some romantic park filled with blooming flowers and he leaned in to kiss his smol boyfie then jihoon suddenly went “WOW!! A Giant Hornet!! Gotta go, Daniel it’s a RARE one!!!” and left Daniel alone sjjdkskg

Monica was fat once and they make light of it, Chandlers cross dressing dad, Monica dating Tom Selleck as that"s clearly wrong in these Weinstein days etc etc

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