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National Television Awards includes Adele Silva, Emily Symons, Julia Mallam, Lucy Pargeter & Nicola Wheeler.

3 new videos including: Sally Oliver and Lucy Pargeter in nice dresses; Adele Silva in a short skirt; and Amelia Sefton's cleavage.

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Agree completely, but that is not current campus reality. We"ll see if AG Sessions can turn that around.

Lucy is soo conceited. She thought someone honked at her, but in reality I just locked my car.

I want to cast an object that I have created from a typename to the
corresponding type. Can anycone tell me how to do this?

//Here, Create the object of type MyClass
object obj=Activator.CreateInstance(strAssemblyName, MyClass );
//Now, I want to do something like ((MyClass)obj).Method
//Can I do this?

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I"m not VIP enough for this all to be reality

Me too. Reality shows and season finales are the best!

Yup-Shame is not at peak Trump yet. When blue senate Rs lose in 18/20 40 Rs remain, reality will be an angry bitch. D pres its ballgame.

Every wave of PTSD that goes through me is so intense. The way I detach from reality only to wake up in scratches from trying to get out.

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Hippocrates beyond reality.

Turning dreams to reality.