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EHarmony experts’ take on dating, relationships and the science of love

I"m glad I got married before I had to deal with dating apps, but if I had to, my bio would be, My personality is the opposite of Madonna"s Get Into The Groove but looking to understand what she"s singing about in Like A Prayer.

People these days can"t keep relationships bc they act like they"re a married couple. Chill out you don"t need a diamond ring for someone you"ve been dating for a month

Happy 5 years of annoying me I mean dating me in four months we’ll be married and annoy each other forever and ever I can’t wait

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Players Want Relationships Too - How To Get A Player To Commit To You and Stop Pulling Away - Duur: 15:35.

Seems like all of the NFL owners are married to or dating much younger women.

"m dating again, which is very exciting -- "cause I"m married.

You been dating someone for awhile, y"all financially stable and basically good how long y"all waiting to get married?

Me and Jordan been dating a year and half so I guess it"s time for us to get married too.

He called Sarah, the girl he was seeing ( not sure dating ) , his wife. After his meltdown, she sent him a tweet telling him that he eas delusional for saying they were married