Topics: In World of Warcraft why is a character locked?

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BIV's Tyler Orton, Hayley Woodin and Kirk LaPointe sit down with candidates for the BC Liberal party.
First, BC Liberal party leadership candidate Mike de Jong joins BIV to discuss the race and his campaign. Later, BC Liberal leadership candidate Todd Stone discusses the top issues of the campaign and where he stands vs. the other candidates. See more of Tyler Orton's and Hayley Woodin's reporting as well as Kirk LaPointe's commentary at

A recent Slashdot article claims that the markup on the new iPhone X is way too much. Be that as it may, this comment from a reader made my day as it is so true: A Plumber Goes on a Call to Fix a Leaky Faucet. When he arrives at the customer's house, he inspects the faucet, installs a new rubber gasket, and gives the customer a bill for $100. "This is outrageous," says the customer. "I demand an itemized bill." The plumber quickly writes up an itemized bill: Rubber Gasket: $0.50 Knowing where to put it: $99.50

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Hi, please do! Our script isn"t 100% locked so if there"s something great we"ll definitely try to use it

Your game looks potentially really neat! Query: Romance options, are they gender locked? A JRPG/Dating sim where I can"t be a cute girl romancing cute girls sadly loses basically 900% of its allure, so, curious!

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