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Whisper it quietly, but the presenter’s glory days are far behind himThe X Factor’s viewing figures have nosedived to the point where the judges may have to start appearing with parachutes strapped to their backs. This is because the show has become, to use a technical term, complete tosh.I should know. I’ve long watched (and voted on) shows such as The X Factor, with an enthusiasm that might one day enable my back-stabbing children to force me into assisted housing. However, even I have standards, low though they may be. Continue reading.

My second camera man already got a girlfriend who is a HB 9/10 Latina from my training. None of the london daygame coaches helped him. Lol, white privledged game is not transferable. He is East Indian.

If A Pakistani Person An Indian Person Are Dating They Decide To Split Up, Is It Called A Or A

Those Singles" Day numbers! Indian ecoms should buyout and shutter dating and matrimony platforms