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~|Live|~ Turnover at Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC, Australia "2017"

James Franco admitted in an interview that he is turned on by rabbits.

Dawes LIVE at The National - Richmond, VA - 23 April, 2017 - Duur: 3:11.

Guess imma have to give it a try now that I"m in a world where dating no longer exists

Maison Margiela is taking cosmetics places light years awayThe make-up at Maison Margiela was out of this world. Frosted shadows, silvery eyes, lips that appeared to have kissed a well-iced cake – every model looked like they’d returned from a mini break in space. Graphic and glittery, this is a look that, tweaked subtly, transcends festival beauty. Continue reading.

Don"t put your girlfriend/boyfriend"s name in your bio because who you"re dating doesn"t define you

Younger men are usually at their stage in their life where they want to explore a lot of new things

That"s the trouble with falling in love with a dream girl. They have a habit of becoming real.

Lmao, me in middle school dating a junior in high school. My innocence in this convo tho

I havent been this invested into a dating show since Flavor of Love back in the day

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Did you ever walk into a room and and forget why you walked in? That"s how dogs spend their lives.