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In the meantime, I hit up my homegirl that was in the air force and I was like yo, what trouble you gotta be in to end up in Italy?

Remaining fur items to be auctioned as luxury brand prioritises sustainability and follows Armani’s 2016 lead Gucci will go fur-free next year and auction off all its remaining animal fur items, the Italian fashion house’s president and CEO Marco Bizzarri has announced.The changes will come into force with the brand’s spring-summer 2018 collection, Bizzarri said during a talk at the London College of Fashion. Continue reading.

Background Dating — сайт для поиска интересных собеседников. Вы можете не только знакомиться с новыми людьми, но и находить тех, кто действительно интересен именно вам.

На Background Dating нет анкет, и нет фильтрации по каким-либо стандартизованным параметрам (возраст, цвет волос, размер груди и прочее). Вместо этого у вас есть возможность искать людей по любым ключевым фразам , которые они сами о себе указали.

The next chance these poor guys vl get is after about 30 yrs, ven Priyanka Vadras"s daughter gets readies 4 presidency in Italy or Pakistan

Mind you the big trouble he"s in is still going on. He tells me that he just landed in Rome, on his way to Italy to find out his fate

In Romania most were children. Some under 1 years of age. That"s MEDIAN age in Italy.

Harvey Weinstein is profoundly devastated following reports of sexual assault and harassment. But can you imagine how his family feels?

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