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The foodie movement is alive and well in Fort Myers, and the number of high-quality restaurants in the area is a testament to that fact. While there are plenty of tried and true, long-standing favorites here, there are always new and unique spots popping up to tickle your taste buds.

For a bit of romance and a great sunset, it's worth the winding drive through Sanibel Island to the Mad Hatter. This small, beachside restaurant has a superb menu with service and view to write home about.

Expect Southern hospitality and charm at the well established Veranda in downtown Fort Myers. This is a long standing, special occasion, lets linger over a cocktail kind of place.

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JACKSONVILLE, FL (October 4, 2017) - On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, the Jacksonville Sheriff s Office hosted two "Coffee With a Cop" events in honor of "National Coffee With a Cop Day".

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