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Dating advice: NEVER do paint your own pottery for a first date. IT WAS THE DATE THAT WOULD NOT END.

Most butterfly collections one sees are from either Southeast Asia or South America. They do have the best insects there but it is quite nice to find a homemade set.
This is one of the sets with the classic pins through the butterflies. Possibly a high school project this set has eight examples, one is rather small and white. The case is 12" x 8". The case is made from Styrofoam wrapped in thick paper. There is a removable cover with glass cover. Mounting it to a wall is a challenge but I shall figure out a way.
I think I will try and pick up a few more like this.

At the Qayeipha Ostracon archeological site: pottery sherd with 6 lines of palaeo-Hebrew dating to 1, 000 BC, from Qayeipha.

dating for sexton elementary

Price: €25,00
Category: Studio/ Handcrafted Pottery
This is a large 2 quart covered casserole pottery dish with 2 handles in an olive green color. It is stamped on the bottom but I can't read it but is in the pictures. It is 9" across the top, 9 1/2" across the bottom, 13" from handle to handle.

Anyone recognize this beauty. I believe a type of chalkware. He is 16 " tall and base is 14 " wide. He weighs almost 10 lbs. Intaglio eyes. He is hollow.