Topics: Early 20s - Never Dated - Help?

Early 20s: How much of this vodka from a plastic bottle can I drink before I puke?
Late 20s: How much of this wine can I drink before I involuntarily pass out at 10pm?

Early 20s: [in grocery store] Ok, where’s the cheapest bottle or box of wine that I can find? I’ll take that one.
Late 20s: [in grocery store] Ok, where’s a $20 bottle of wine that’s on sale for $15.99 that also has a nice label? I’ll take that one.

Early 20s: RAGE! All-nighter, it’s 6am, let’s start daydrinking. I’ll sleep when I’m dead!
Late 20s: It’s midnight and I ate too much ravioli, I’ll sleep right fucking now actually.

Nah, early 20s on the beers at th footy in your jumper is completely fine. From 27 onwards it"s your teams polo if you want

You"re a kid in your early 20s who has been conditioned to believe every bit of data he hears. Have you ever read 1984 or Brave New World?

I"m guessing early-to-mid-20s on this one, right?

Real paleo folks would die in their early 20s from an exposed wound

When u are in your early 20s, homeownership is rare.

I have long understood and accepted that in my early 20s, life will be a trial and error process.

Was that 20s match a work or shoot? There were 2 Brazil Vale Tudo TV shows in the late 50s early 60s but haven"t seen any video from them

N like I just turned 26 this was early to mid 20s fam we did that shit.

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Looking good, it is mostly onshore breezes so you see a risk of some early low cloud/ mist or fog as air warms next week. temps mid-high 20s

Tall Ships and Wild Beasts final show tickets released today. My early 20s taking a hell of a kicking.