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Deadheads for Peace!!!! Fuck violence in all its shapes and forms! From indirect douchebaggery to the atomic bombs and the like!

I get a baby carrier for my dog when I see the terms n conditionz I wish I still did drugs.

Good luck w that. He can"t pass a bill w house senate majority so they were lies and you fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. Hilarious

There are some people who are Deadheads for Trump and go to rallies every weekend. Don"t feel too bad about yourself.

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Totally, Deadheads for peace, no bad vibes here

Legit ? - how/why are so many Deadheads Dan freaks ( me included ) ? Chunky horns, pristine, glossy production, no live shows for almost 20 yrs

You can tag me brother bear!!!!!Deadheads for Peace!

Except for some stoners and Deadheads, you seem to be the most rational person tweeting about politics on my TL. Thanks.

Wonder how the people calling for Gary rowett to be sacked on Monday night phone In are feeing

Come out for some Grateful Dead tunes and free pizza!

I"ve been listening to Jerry play for 40 years and you, my friend, have made so many older deadheads come back out to the dance floor. Play

French deadheads in the 70s must"ve been an interesting bunch for sure.