Topics: Would you date a brown guy?

Background: I m an Indian guy and have noticed, over time, that interaction with girls seems to be different for white guys vs everyone else. White guys seem to have an easier time with women of all races, no matter whether it s picking girls up or dating girls in the traditional sense.

I d like some insight from other colored dudes. (I wrote Brown guys in my title but I d appreciate perspectives from anyone, honestly.)

I ve had girls flat out tell me they don t date black guys. And they weren t white girls either. One was Filipino and the other was Mexican. The worst part is that I m half white.

You guys are nice as heck. Reminds me of Katrina when the Superdome was used for evacuees

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You guys are awesome! More powerful than before! it will be a tough battle for us if we match together.

Thank you for the awesome stream guys!! - 1950s Girl

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Are you guys prepared for v and e version?

It"s so sad that on top of all the natural disasters we have to deal with the lunacy of the President you guys elected. I don"t claim him.

Looking forward to meeting and on Friday down in Dundee for discussion. Hopefully I can help those guys out!

Being a bit worried for the first day of School. I need more rest guys.

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Can"t Wait for you guys!!!

Hi I'm looking for a perfect match for something long term. If your a man that has his life together and wants to add in his soul mate then we might work great. I want a man with his life together, no drama just a happy life. Someone that lives a goo.

DLC for the game is always revealed way before the games comes out so we will know who is DLC like in a month.