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He who has the gold makes the rules. --Anonymous (who was she?) You cannot choose to be financially dependent on a man and also call yourself a feminist.

I"m already thinking of how financially unstable Miami"s going to make me

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Is it normal to be a single, financially unstable 22 year old lesbian and want a baby literally so badly asking for a friend


Twitter has a respectable community when it comes to fellow memebers of the financially unstable.

I promise it"s not fun being in school, being financially unstable and having to raise a lil baby. As cute as she is, it"s sooo stressful.

For me, at my age, someone habitually financially unstable won"t work when I have other responsibilities ( kids, business, aging parents )

Ineed a man who is loving and caring.. Be financially stable, I don't mind if you have children. Вход для. Dating Affiliate Program.

Sorry for u to hear this but my friend is financially unstable for any kids due to buying a bomb ass dorm but he"s available

The victims of such schemes are always the financially unstable. People who have money know that it doesn’t fall from the sky.

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I'm I, personally-I'm myself. I don't forge myself. I like making new friends, sharing, caring and loving each other. I live a very simple life, and I like the way it is. I don't compete, I don't copy.

I cut my hair short, and I'm much comfortable. I don't bleach. I'm a chocolate African lady and contented in it. I use cosmetics and accessories, but not all the time. I wear clothes according to the occasion.

I like the finer side of things too much to grow up to be unstable financially y"all can call me anything BUT broke

I don"t give financially unstable guys a chance anymore because they"re ungrateful and always tryna shit on people.

Why is it always the financially unstable females that talk about having baby fever?