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A vote for Roy Moore is a backlash vote vs Persons of the Year, Women, + everything this all represents. Vote AGAINST Sexual Harassment. Vote FOR Women"s Rights. Pls Alabama, do the right thing. Sexual Stone Age is over. Plus, you"ll be saving Marriages and Dating!

Which values are those again? Bigotry? Fondling underaged girls? Dating married women? Denying rights to others? Those values? If those are , you can keep them there.

Roy Moore has done many appalling things. Top of the list, he’s a credibly accused child molester. Also, he’s a racist, anti-Muslim, hates gays and espoused severing our parental rights. Dating Kayla before she was officially divorced is mild on Moore’s list of wicked actions.

I just enlightened my mom at the dinner table today. I showed her the affects caused by the pursuit of social acceptance. Discussed the equation of dating, broke down the rights and wrong I’ve noticed from this generation. Taught her a bunch more. She was mind blown

Ahh Wednesday. An evening for Pizza, wine, and fighting with men’s rights activists on dating apps

Y"all don"t do anything for gun control our to protect rights. That"s like dating you are fiscal conservatives or Christians