Topics: Are Dutch Girls attracted to Black Guys?

Apparently, this is not allowed in the American metropolis New York City. Other road users might get distracted, with all its consequences.

It has happened to Jasmijn Rijcken, the general manager of the Dutch bicycle company VANMOOF, who was in New York to visit The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show. At the moment the police note down her name and address, he found out that she was from the Netherlands.

She convinced him that wearing such clothing on a bicycle in the Netherlands is very normal, so she received a warning to wear pants next time.

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Washington Scott Lowman was my 2nd great grandfather.
His first wife was Emma Z Reish, then he Married Minnie.
Combined Washington had a lot of mouths to feed. lol
I have a huge tree of the whole family.

James L Lowman

Anyone to speak Dutch with??

Nope. I noticed from all games he played. Sometimes you feel he"s just got lucky in winning Dutch Open. ( I know he won many others as well )

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Went out to a posh bar last night with who dresses way better then i do.I played dutch angle with my camera again. XD

There’s a Dutch Bros by my college, my life is complete

Excited for tomorrow"s Red Dead Redemption reveal! You play as Dutch"s old gang I"m calling it now.

The best thing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge charity campaign? Girls get wet! And usually, in swimsuits! So check out the hot girls being charitable!

My Dutch isn"t he seems.