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Attractions in Denpasar (Bali's provincial capital), include several sites of historical and cultural significance, such as the Sakenan Temple on the island of Serangan, and the Jagatnatha Temple that is adjacent to town’s public museum. Denpasar offers a blend of rustic touches and urbane features that make it a unique place to visit on your Bali holiday.

In the centre of Denpasar you will find a rather bustling scene, but if you travel to its outer fringes there is a more laidback natural vibe, and comfortable areas to behold, such as the mangrove forest in southern Denpasar and the Kertalangu Cultural Village in the northeast. You can enjoy a day trip starting from the heart of the city with many of these sites a short distance apart. Here are the 10 best attractions to see in Denpasar and around town.

Jagatnatha Temple is a central landmark that adjoins the Bali Provincial Museum and the city square, locally referred to as the Denpasar Puputan Square. This historical site underwent a series of renovations over time, and now features a towering central Padmasana shrine in bright white. Inside the temple walls, however, you can still see remnants of the older days such as preserved carvings and stone motifs depicting episodes from the Ramayana epic.

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