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Icannot recommend Laurel’s coaching highly enough. She has an intelligent, targeted approach and I’ve learned more from her in the past few months than I have.

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Thx Stevey, the film came about when our director was intrigued w the world of pickup thought it would make a great story

On this day in 1978, more than 5 million nominal dollars were stolen from a vault at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. You may use the comment thread on this page to discuss the legacy of a robbery that became known as the Lufthansa heist, or to pursue other points of off-topic, freewheeling discourse. Find previous discussions in the Open Thread archive. Excepting the entreaty that you remain on topic, all of Slate’s usual commenting policies apply. If you depend on this community and Slate’s journalism, please consider joining Slate Plus. We appreciate your support!

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