Topics: The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re.


I"ve never had pistachio ice cream but for some reason I"m craving it right now. I think I"m pregnant

I didn"t even work out before I got pregnant. And now here I am. Doing squats and stuff.

I can"t believe it"s been 2 weeks already. I should be 3 months pregnant right now

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And now she might be pregnant I hope Cody is a stand up guy.

Then his sister , met Kodak black at the club and is now pregnant

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Wow this is very beautiful I would love to have her as my wife especially now that she’s carrying a Black man’s baby inside her and still servicing her Black bull and baby daddy!!!

If you are a white teenage boy and a black owner allows you to be present and watch when he fucks your pregnant mother. Then, with your mouth and tongue, you will clean his huge black bull and mom’s pudend lips from fresh seed. You like doing it

Asked my wife what she"s doing on Twitter - some idiot trolled a post and is getting destroyed by 100"s - ( We"re pregnant now )


I just asked my colleague how far along she is and she told me she"s not pregnant. This shift needs to end now

I"m not even pregnant and I 1000% need some donuts and milk now

Mortification of Spin is a weekly casual conversation about things that count. Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd serve up a humorous, informal podcast with bite. Join this engaging and thought-provoking conversation on the challenges the Church faces and what counts in the Christian life. Served up with a healthy dose of germane cultural references. Hear for yourself if British accents carry more weight.

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I am 38 weeks pregnant why am I massaging my own back right now?????

A girl who"s told me 2yrs ago I was going to hell for having sex before marriage is now pregnant at 21 and single. Must be baby Jesus