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The co-worker you’re in a secret competition with. We get it! You want to be the best and this other person intimidates you. It’s fine to complain, but you NEVER STOP.

That book you read on how highly intelligent people are usually introverts. That’s great and all, but do you realize you sound like a snob? You’re an intellectual, we know. But stop talking down to everyone you think is on a lower level than you are.

Doing the right thing. It’s nice that you’re fair and always rooting for justice, but you talk about it constantly. Life’s not fair, ya know?

Iwould like to meet a intellectual, honest and faithful woman who will make a new family with me. I'm waiting for your e-mail! Interests more.

Spoil the girl ur dating wisely, with the gift of your absence; she needs solo R R. Plus you can use that time to line up her replacement.

Reminders of online dating: Anyone who has to say they"re an intellectual very likely is not intellectual at all.

Oh you"re girlfriend sends you nudes on Snapchat? To bad you"re not dating an intellectual like me

Conclusion: I do not think this man understands romantic love, intellectual love, the concept of nationality, the point of dating, humans.

Intellectual speed dating!