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Синдро́м приобретённого имму́нного дефици́та (СПИД, англ. aids) — состояние, развивающееся.

An officer can be heard shouting "Everyone stay down! Stay down!" after a barrage of bullets rains down on the Las Vegas Strip.

Some P5.5 billion in grants and donations have been provided by the Chinese government to the Philippines in a span of one year, Ambassador Zhao Jianhua said Thursday as he assured more will be coming in the future.

Unidentified robbers carried out a series of burglaries in Quezon City as they smashed windows and stole items from at least five high-end vehicles.

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acucela Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tokyo 4596) committed to translating innovation into a diverse portfolio of drugs and devices to preserve and restore vision for millions of people worldwide. Acucela’s development pipeline include drug candidates and therapeutics for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, AMD, Stargardt disease, cataracts and presbyopia. The comp

Классифицируют вирус людского иммунодефицита в 2 главных типа: HIV-1 и HIV-2. HIV-1 было открыно сперва и более превалирующие всемирные, пока HIV-2 более менее патогеническое и главным образом ограничено к Западной Африке. Так когда мы вообще скажем ВИЧ, мы ссылаемся к HIV-1. Коренные отличия между инфекциями HIV-1 и HIV-2 лежат в механизме retroviral патогенеза, который полно не ясн пока.

Согласно Центру Контроля и Предотвращения Заболеванему (CDC), 166 случаев ВИЧ в США определенных между 1988 и 2010 встретили определение центра инфекции HIV-2. Большинство случаев было сообщено в Норд-осте и или возникл от или соединил к Западной Африке.

King Felipe VI of Spain spoke to the nation on Tuesday, two days after the Catalan independence referendum, which was declared illegal by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

What an amazing Photo Op! Congratulations on the person that was able to keep him on speech ( read ) it! Don’t throw paper towels!

Getting 16 and a Butterfly tattoo tomorrow, the year that has the worst effect on me as a person a reminder to Always grow an spread love

1959: Ärzte entnehmen einem Mann im Kongo eine Blutprobe. Jahrzehnte später wird festgestellt, dass sich darin HIV-Antikörper befinden.

1981: Die US-Gesundheitsbehörden melden, dass immer mehr Homosexuelle unter bis dahin seltenen Infektionen und Hauttumoren leiden.

The look you give when a person decides to play Empire State of Mind in an attempt to be clever at a tourist attraction.

Two fathers and two sons sat down to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg how?

Unreal. It boils down to inadequacy. They are inadequate so an intelligent black person who is better than them, scares them.

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