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No mystery why white trash obsess over ISIS. Envy of latter"s freedom to murder outsiders and commodify women. ISIS = redneck utopia.

Excuse me lang, Sir. Women will wear make up for themselves and not for men. Napaka-sexist nyo huh. Balik sa 1800s!

10 Secrets Wrestlers Revealed about their Peers - Duur: 4:53.

From what Turkey's war on journalists signals for a shift towards autocracy, to the heated debate over pineapple on pizza. This is The Current with Laura Lynch.

Amid the fighting and chaos of civil war, a group of animals from a zoo in a heavily-bombed part of Syria is evacuated to safety by a team of international rescuers.

You"re threatened by strong women and so insecure of yourself that you slept with a stripper. Sad.

«The staff were very professional - haven't experienced that in a long time. Couldn't do enough for you..

Zero Hedge | Right on schedule, President Donald Trump is out with his latest tweet urging Republicans to pass health-care reform.

Well your two-time undisputed Ms. Money in the Bank has eyes on her briefcase and the Women"s Championship. Try me again.