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Date another marijuana smoker. Dating another cannabis smoker and even finding them online is easier than you think. Finding someone who smokes weed with you - Priceless.

Wow, you’re ignorant and pretty naive if you think the average marijuana smoker looks like that. And that guy probably lost all his teeth from taking opioids from Merck.

I loaned my tube smoker to a friend. They put the smoker on the ground, put the cheese on a rack beside it and turned a large cardboard box over it. I tasted it and they said what they"d done. I didn"t believe them at first but they"ve done several times.

Bet me this guy is a hash smoker : )

9. It will be a big shame if truly Tubaba has performed this guy"s songs without permission and some fools are calling him a smoker

Awww him"s just a little guy!

I feel like has posted this guy before but I cant resist not posting this

An Admiral? I find that hard to believe. Fujitora was the only Admiral officially promoted after Sengoku stepped down and Aojiki left the Navy. I haven"t heard of a third promotion yet. And if there was, I would have to say that Smoker guy is a solid contender.

Actually, if you pick up an A-Maze-N tube or pellet smoker ( see pictures ) for a few bucks you can smoke it in your barbecue or even a cardboard box!. I love a good ementhal.

Prepping for Sunday: beef jerk in the dehydrator, ribs ready to hit the smoker, and setup to home brew a Pale Ale and a Holiday Ale.

Says the guy that idolizes Kaepernick.