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LISTEN UP 20 years old jung sewoon who debuted in august 31, 2017 with the mini album "ever" should be invited into more variety shows!!!!

My night turned into getting my 40-year old neither high as fuck. He’s fucking blasted right now!

Been belittled during my childhood and it continues. Being 31 years old and can’t make my own decision? You can advice but the decision is mine.

While Chinese urbanites stride toward a "cashless society" using mobile payments, many rural residents still face difficulty withdrawing money due to a lack of ATMs.

Jaehwan tho. Master of acting innocent and pinning the murer on someone else. There was this ep on supernatural where this 7 yr old orphan went about killing all her adopted family and it took them awhile to realise that she was always the only survivor after she wiped out 5 fams

, Weight Loss Plans, It"s an amazing luxury to say I"m 31 years old and I"m gonna take a year off. That"s pretty amazing.

It bonds workers, sheds light on the brain and pacifies us. Emma Byrne on the uses and paradoxes of swearingWhen I was about nine years old, I was smacked for calling my little brother a “twat”.I had no idea what a twat was – I thought it was just a silly way of saying “twit” – but that smack taught me that some words were more powerful than others and that I had to be careful how I used them. Continue reading.