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We’ve all seen the viral, “rules for dating my daughter” posts, right? The ones that use intimidation, fear, and sometimes even the threat of a firearm to warn teenage boys just how to behave around the girls they date? They’re creepy at best, downright disturbing and misogynistic at worst.

1. Get a job.
2. Understand I don’t like you.
3. I’m everywhere.
4. Get a lawyer

Yes, these messages are actually printed on shirts, that some dads proudly wear. One dad was sick of the stereotype of the overbearing dad needing to protect his “property” a.k.a. daughters. So he amended the “rules” a bit and his version is going wildly viral.

Can"t wait to be a Daddy and hear my kids voices

I love when niggas think it"s play time tryna have bitches into it. On my daddy I"m sending niggas to yo front door let"s play fr

Trying my hardest not to fight my daddy and ruin my sister wedding.

I can"t pop shxt to nobody my team Giants embarrassing

My daddy don’t like seeing me unhappy at alland he wonder why i act like a brat

George W. is a lone living guy at his own home after he has been sent away from his family until he has proven his worth. His family requests he comes a decent adult.

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I love my lil daughter

The day I lost my shit

Haye just realized that I have a crush on my daddy! I am ashamed of myself!

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