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The applications for the  2018 Summer Learning Resources and Teen Summer Intern  grants are now open! Twenty of each grant, worth $1,000 each are available and generously funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Apply by  Jan. 1, 2018 . Eligibility requirements apply. Apply  here .

2017 Teens’ Top Ten voting is finally open! Now through Oct 14 th , teens (and only teens, sorry librarians!) are able to vote for their favorite titles amongst the 26 nominees. The voting site is hosted again this year by DOGObooks. Encourage your teens to read and vote for their favorites! You can visit our Teens’ Top Ten site for an annotated list of the nominees and more information. And connect with us on social media by using #yalsaTTT.

Yes! I can"t begin to tell you how many times I"ve fallen in love with a story only to be totally crushed. Yes, I vote for that category.

"Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk" features rare images by the band s co-founder from the 1970s and 80s

That"s what Ghost Story did. Not even sure I got it all, but I got enough that it crushed me. If Mother does that, I will love it

An unknown number of Canadians have completed a do-not-resuscitate document, asking that they not be revived if they are critically injured or ill. Across Canada, there is no consistent approach to keeping track of these requests.

Bath story time crushed. Lunches packed. Kids are asleep. Uniforms ironed. Wishing I had a glass of wine to complete this whole mom vibe.

"s soul is just crushed in "s current snap story poor thing

If anyone was looking to have their faith in humanity utterly crushed, 30 seconds looking at comments on a Sky News story should do it.

Breaking: is Emris an alcoholic? Is there more to this story? Can we trust the crushed velvet man?

While hundreds of London police continued a massive search Friday, racing to find out who placed a homemade bomb on a packed London subway train during the morning rush hour, the U.K. government raised the national threat level to "critical." The explosion injured 29 people and ignited a panicked stampede to safety.

Preet you"re a criminal who separated me from my family. Your ego nabbed a few bad guys and crushed dozens of innocents. Congrats.

Scared myself awake cause I dreamt of that horrifying story of the diver who got crushed in his suit cause of the pressure.

Where do you hide if you"re on the bottom floor of a three story building? Run outside? I don"t wanna get crushed by the 2 houses above me!