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I could have legally bought a colt 45 by now. Fuck this fucking country.

Kane Brown is the cutest mixed country singer ever

Why? We love our Country.

Are they really going to try pin this crime on a WOC who wasn"t even in the country?

The cost of living in Australia's cities is driving people to share a room with strangers, but these precarious living arrangements hardly qualify as a home, writes Christian Tietz.

You are a disrespectful shill for the left. You and your hate are what is dangerous in this country.

We demand to be back on top as the best school system in the country

I prefer having ideological screening to any kind of country ban. DACAs will be traded for future legals maybe e-verify. I like RAISE Act.

Crazy to live in a country more concerned over banning “dangerous” chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs vs. doing something about