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Corinna Harney is Playboy’s Miss August 1991. When she was only 20 she became the 1992 Playmate of the Year, making her the youngest Playmate of the Year ever at that point. Born in Bremerhaven, Germany, she is of Cherokee-Irish descent. Corinna spent her childhood in Las Vegas, where her father was a state trooper. She graduated from Bonanza High School.

Corinna started acting and modeling in fourth grade, when she appeared in a TV commercial with Dick Van Patten. Her resume includes roles on the TV shows CSI and Nash Bridges and in the movies National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation, Beach House , and Rat Race.

What turns Corinna Harney on? “New places, bodies of water, looking at a sky full of stars, and laughter.” Here’s how she described her ideal night out for Playboy : “On a warm, rainy evening, he brings a ladder to my second-story window. We escape to the mountains, above the rain, to gaze at the stars.” She’s turned off by “fake people, liars, gossip, slow cars in the fast lane, and people who make snap judgments.”

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Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America) and Erik Whittington (Rock For Life) interview Rose Daly, who runs the Students for Life group at St. Louis University. Rose talks about all of the different unique projects and tactics her group employs to bring the LIFE message on campus Kristan & Erik also interview Kelly Stauffer, who is Silent No More and hosting a pro-life youth rally Oct. 29th in Hanover, Maryland

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