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I heard story about cops since they are exposed to so many woman they are pron to f*** up or they just want to get laid.sorry to day it. I dated a cop and that will be the last time I will ever date one.. I wish he would of never told me he was a cop because as soon as he did I was in alert mode. and damn I was right.

How many more cop stories can hollywood tell?

In his book, recounts stories of being dispatched to attractions to make small touch-up to figures WHILE the attraction was operating. He hid behind the counter on CoP and painted between theater rotations. You know that ain’t happening anymore.

A bittersweet plaque dedication for Detective Steven McDonald this morning. Bitter because we miss him, sweet because we knew him. An ugly, violent act against an NYPD cop became one the most beautiful stories of love and forgiveness for NYC and the world.

Maybe not the best back to back stories,. One about a cop who manhandled a teacher and then another about a superhero cop?

How long homie been dead? How many billions of black stories are there? Why do they keep getting funding to rehash the same stories over and over again? How come all our movies are about slavery, cop killings, lynchings protests while white people star in “God’s of Egypt”?

My DD teacher last night told us about some stories he had experienced as a cop. My favorite was be4 he could get a guy out of the car the guy locked the doors and said I know you got me, you know you got me, just please let me finish this joint real quick, holdin a bag of weed

At least they didn’t murder her while she was on her knees, unarmed and begging not to be executed like other recent dumb cop stories.

Really the only reason I exercise is so I don"t end up as the disembodied torso on the b-role of the local news" health stories

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A video of a woman falling to the ground as arms fly is posted online and goes viral, with many people condemning what they say is a "coward punch".