Topics: The 5 Types of Online Dating Headlines that Snag Attention.

If you’re a LinkedIn user, especially one who’s attempting to leverage your LinkedIn presence for professional gain —please race over to your profile immediately. And once you’re there, tell me what you’ve got going on for your headline.

Don’t fret. The vast majority of people screw up the headline on their LinkedIn profile, most often because they don’t even realize that you can edit your headline to anything you want. That’s right, your headline is yours for the taking.

By default, LinkedIn populates your headline with your current job title and employer—and that’s precisely what a lot of people leave in there. But allowing the LinkedIn default to take charge of your headline is a dumb move. Why? Because this little 120-character section is prime marketing real estate. Done well, your LinkedIn headline can be used to promote your brand statement, core marketing message , most enticing expertise, and all-around spectacularity (please don’t use that word in your LinkedIn headline.)

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