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Dreaded light on your dash? Pop into us for a diagnostic and let the clever computer do its magic

I like to use Rita"s computer to search for wedding rings to make her think I"m shopping for rings. Cause I know a bunch of ads will pop up.

To listen to Episode 7 of Trumpcare Tracker, use the player below: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Jim Newell and Jordan Weissmann discuss Mitch McConnell’s surprise decision to delay the Senate vote on health care reform. Was the Congressional Budget Office score the final nail in the coffin? What side deals can McConnell make to persuade the holdouts in his party? And should Democrats be nervous that Obamacare is about to be repealed? Email: Podcast production by June Thomas.

You"re absolutely RIGHTFBI needs to arrest these HATERS, seize their computer, subpoena their text, phone and email records immediately

Just watched Pain Gain on Netflix was awesome now watching The 5th Wave on UV ( got code from the Computer Exchange the old pop n pic )

Ahh you should had said hi!!! X3 Havent streamed since I arrived over here TuT and now waiting for my computer to get fixed.