Topics: Question about interracial dating?

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1. How do you think the lack of representation, especially positive representation,  in the media affects the “black marriage crisis”?Do you think the “Black marriage crisis” even exists? 2. Do you think that Black men have been over critical of Black women, and that their expectations of Black women have played a part in making … Continue reading →

Tonza and Joan are all ready for Christmas, or not. They discuss an antiquated extract from a 1950 textbook called "Tips to look after your husband." Avery Britt from Charlotte, NC called into give his take on it.

What did the elephant say to the naked man? How do you breathe through that thing?

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I"m thinking get it Katie Homes, I"m loving the whole interracial thin! Love Is love. Try new things.

Over Dinner with Michelle and Carlet is a podcast about the trials, tribulations, and occasional joys of dating. We also look at the many journeys that we take on the road to love.

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