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, Prince Christian and attend the FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Off First Leg match between Denmark and Republic of Ireland at Telia Parken Stadium in , -05/11/17.

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A Brexit trade agreement will help protect Europe against Russian disruption, the PM says.Mon, 13 Nov 2017 21:25:37 GMTTheresa May says

The way Christianity in Europe is going, I see this beautiful Cathedral someday becoming like Hagia Sophia in Turkey, once a Christian basilica, built by Constantine, then after the Turkish invasion in 1452 it became a Mosque, now a museum. The Muslim Invasion Continues.

They also forget that Europe wasn"t even Christian back in the day.

As long as your going to Christian churches as well

POTD: after Christian Pulisic"s remarks about academy teams in the US, should US soccer teens play for domestic academy teams until they"re 18 or be allowed to go to Europe and develop there?

The kingdom of Christianity was made in the capitals of Europe which became theocracies several hundred years ago. Look to them for your Christian Zionism

Most were Christian though weren"t they? Hitler was a devout Christian.

This is so random. But as someone who has a lot of Christian friends ( Europe, duh ) I think about it from time to time.