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These events are also documented by one of the original pranksters, Lee Quarnstrom, in his memoir, When I Was a Dynamiter.

In an interview on BBC World Service in August 2014, [3] Ken Babbs suggested that the name The Merry Pranksters was his idea:

Kesey and George Walker and I were out wandering around and the rest of the gang were sitting around a fire in Kesey’s house in La Honda, and when we came back it was dark and Mike Hagen called out "Halt! Who goes there?" And just out of the blue I said, "'Tis I, the intrepid traveller, come to lead his merry band of pranksters across the nation, in the reverse order of the pioneers! And our motto will be 'the obliteration of the entire nation'. not taken literally of course, we won’t blow up their buildings, we’ll blow their minds!"

Are you sure you have not been cursed by a witch to have to fulfill some quest or personal growth first?

Айн Рэнд: Ayn Rand: 1925 год: Имя при рождении: Алиса Зиновьевна Розенбаум. Псевдонимы: Ayn Rand

Hope not but the Stone Witch connection is a worry lol

With his daring role in Victim, the British star helped to change the gay narrative for ever Related: Dirk Bogarde: the rebellion of a reluctant pinup Watching Victim in 1961, audiences would have been shocked to hear the word “homosexual” – the first time it had been uttered in a movie. What shocks when watching Victim today is hearing the words “convicted homosexual”. Homosexuality would remain a crime until the 1967 Sexual Offences Act was passed 50 years ago this month; something this crusading film played its part in bringing about. Continue reading.

She"s my witch by The Radiacs

Another witch hunt by a Democrat fake, complaint

Update: We Made A Store! - Duur: 2:04.

There is a real danger in this kind of witch hunts , since they are made by people that were not present at that time of the incident

The list of known felonies and treasonous acts by hilary is a long, long list. We need to put the brakes on this witch hunt now!

TRUMP Grab them by the pussy

The witch paid for the waspkeeper"s entire paper harvest with a leathery charm, then stymied her rivals by torching his many-eaved house.