Topics: Video & Online Gaming: Why are The People surprised with how Bungie & Activision's Destiny turned out or blatantly defending it?

Araid is a six-player cooperative mission. Raids are very difficult and complex, requiring.

Cant comment on the raid becuse i cant find pepole to raid with and i dont feel like grinding solo and then doing matchmaking.

LMAO, I"ve given up with both. OW constantly crashes, and I can"t do any raid content in D2 without matchmaking

My boys and cousin really into it. At least they fixed matchmaking from the first one lol finding six people to do a raid was just annoying

Have you done the raid? Cause playing matchmaking, especially with 5 other randoms would be terrible. And with the current chat, it"d be a catastrophe. The entire raid is about communication and execution. For Nightfall it would be fine though.

Seriously, just enable matchmaking for the god damn raid already. We"re all playing with randoms from reddit any god damn way.

Multiplayer exists but no one talks outside of raids. Nightfall and raid still have no matchmaking or group finder. It"s fun until you hit the gear level lock of needing to do those.

Same goes for the Leviathan raid fyi! They handled matchmaking really badly by separating queues

I really think it should be more aggressive about matchmaking. I think most of the non raid content is probably not hard enough to demand a super cohesive team.

Un putain de matchmaking pour raid normal!!!

They don"t let normal matchmaking in the raid because its supposed to be special once you finally complete it with your squad or some stupid reason.

Yo, any idea when you"ll be adding matchmaking to nightfall strikes and the leviathan raid?

That"s predominantly what the game is though during endgame. An excuse to shoot shit while shooting the shit with friends. And LFG/matchmaking has been built out in D2 to find other players if you want to raid, etc.