Topics: Brandi Glanville Dating Drew ?????

Brandi Glanville and her boyfriend, Donald “DJ” Friese , are working on their relationship, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“They are still talking and are trying to figure things out when it comes to their relationship at the moment,” the insider explains. “They’re not broken up, but they’re not together.”

Meanwhile, a second source tells Us that the couple “broke up a few weeks ago,” but are still “on good terms.”

Can we just stop adding new emojis? Thanks.

Isn"t House of Pain taken by the Houston Oilers and the Astrodome and Jerry Glanville? Or has the trademark expired on that now?

What time is this being released in Australia?

Did anyone ask Jerry Glanville? Haha

You home or away this Sunday?

No. De Glanville, surely?!

But isn"t it natural that poor results are the reason for criticising? We are a stale club going nowhere in terms of PL or CL. And no, for the size of this club we are underachieving and have done so for years.

I wanted Wenger out in the summer. I just don"t want there to be constant negativity surrounding the club because it can have an effect on our results, is that so difficult to understand?

So he as a club legend can be criticised all day long but Wenger can"t in any circumstances? He was asked clear question and he spoke out his mind ffs.