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I m a Please select Guy looking for a girl Girl looking for a guy Guy looking for a guy Girl looking for a girl

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I"d regularly run out of stuff to read between library visits, and it felt fine to pick up books from her pile to read too.

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After I"d finished reading my Battle, Eagle, Whizzer and Chips, I"d read her Bunty, Misty or Tammy comics.

Though I"ll hasten to add, this was in the privacy of home. Buy those comics, or be seen taking them out of the library? Nu-uh.

I was happy to read them, but even as a kid I"d have been ashamed to have been seen reading them. Thanks, society.

Wow, quite a tweet. Hope you have a big spade.

“AFTER a good dinner one can forgive anybody, except for slow servers,” Oscar Wilde might have written were he to pen “A Woman of No Importance” today. Satiated diners have a one-track mind: pay for the meal and leave as quickly as possible. Yet they are often compelled to linger, firstly to attract the attention of a waiter, and then to wait as a credit card terminal is brought to their table. Comment Expiry Date: Fri, 2014-08-15

An insight into classical composer Max Richter’s “Sleep,” an epic eight-hour lullaby designed to ease the audience into unconsciousness.
Read the full feature on NOWNESS: NOWNESSTags: Music, Max Richter, American Contemporary Music Ense, ACME and Yulia Mahr

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Cryptocurrencies give us a decentralized financial system. OpenBazaar is a decentralized commerce system. A merchant can log onto OpenBazaar and post a listing for an item–for example, a t-shirt that I want to sell for $15. My item listing will spread throughout the OpenBazaar P2P network. A shopper can download the OpenBazaar desktop application and see my listing for a t-shirt. The shopper can pay me $15 in bitcoin, and Continue reading.

No, I don"t know why "80s girl comics all sounded like stripper names either.

Stylist Allen Chen uses six different hair clippers and a razor to shave detailed portraits on the backs of his customers heads.

Finance news from mainland China for our clients China opens finance industry to foreign firms, but is it too late for Hong Kong players?