Topics: Being elusive in dating?

Blended: it's not just the title of a subpar family feature starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as they try to capture their earlier movie magic and fail miserably anymore!

Nowadays, you're more likely to hear this word applied to specific types of raw juices and, far more importantly, to orgasms!

Yes, blended orgasms are here , and they have women everywhere feeling more determined than ever to up their orgasm game.

Mud, mud, inglorious mud. Cross country season is upon us, and may it pass quickly. As always, come and share your weekend stories below the line as usual. Just make sure you clean your spikes before you come in, ok? There are people who love cross country racing. They revel in the changes of gradient and pace, in the freezing weather and gallop around, quite probably singing “Mud, mud, glorious mud” to themselves while merrily hurdling tree trunks and dodging brambles. These people need help. Continue reading.

Tristan, Luke and Cam talk Xbox One X, LA Noire VR, Super Mario Odyssey, Need for Speed Payback, highlights from PAX Australia and more!

But now we’re here in Miami dating