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Tiny versions of the fruit, which would have previously been rejected by farmers, are now being sold in cartons of six in an effort to reduce food wasteName: The Egg-vocado.Age: As old as regular avocados. Continue reading.

Look here :) bachelor jake who is he dating now

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Over time, the former vice president’s pronouncements on population may be more embarrassing than his climate predictions.

On Sunday, Salon s Jefferson Morley contended that the United States adopted the "Star Spangled Banner" as its national anthem due to an ascendant "neo-Confederate spirit" during the decades after the Civil War. Morley played up that "observing Memorial Day and singing The Star-Spangled Banner are uncontroversial patriotic gestures, yet there is no disputing that neo-Confederates developed these rituals."


The first time my pre-teen nephew visited my bachelor digs, he said, I want to live like this when I grow up.

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Is Dean probably acting like he is so he can be the next bachelor? Lol so lame

Even if he had been a good bachelor too much is too much! It obviously doesn"t work for him!

His policies helped me get my Bachelor"s degree and MBA.I didn"t mind him. Also, he knewhow to talk to people and leaders of other countries

See. *he smiles brightly*

Aarav needs to have a Magical Cloak to save his face from the Eligible Bachelor"s Group once he steps out!

Indeed, he is an institution to himself. Fake Bachelor"s degree, fake master"s degree and fake PhD! Wow wow.

My friend is a stripper and one time a bachelor was there and asked her how much it would cost to FUCK. He was straight up just about to +

You must never use abbreviations when speaking. She could have helped him, but she did not. You should have been more simple, it always works.

.@ScottAdamsSays on #Periscope: Scott Adams tells you why President Trump is on the verge of total victory— Millennial Mom🇺🇸 (@Wordsmiter) July 25, 2017

David Rohde joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss his years as a reporter in Afghanistan, his seven months as a hostage in the tribal regions of Pakistan, and his thoughts about whether the United States can win the war on terror.

Saw a guy wearing a fedora and he was having a chat with his friend about getting a bachelor"s degree.