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Nothing Civil or Right in the South. They chose to avoid the Congressional Law of the Land for Civil Rights. What happens in Alabama is acceptable by those Christians that want to run the Country. Hired law officials like Joe Arpaio do not obey the Laws of the Land, like Trump.

Can I take a gun to AZ? Not caught up on laws outside of TX.

It"s year 2017, not year 0. We have laws against this stuff. Also, the bible permits slavery and beating your wife. Let"s see the GOP defend those things next.

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What Kind of Coverage Do I Need When I Rent a Car? How to Save Money at the Rental Car Counter. Quick Links. Getaway Tips; Top 10 Explore AZ; Now Departing

You know why Tesla cars are testing in AZ? Because we have lax corporate laws and oversight.

Evangelical is a misnomer. It"s really Dominionism. Most people don"t recognize or use that term. If those followers do more than just follow, I"d call them Dominionists. If they"re trying to lead or trying to change laws to focus on restricting freedom, it"s Dominionist.

I have copied the info on Emma from the marriage certificate at the Crawford Cnty WI offices. I have thought she might be Emma Kast or Lorena Kast. I have had people say that the father and mother were a real marriage in Crawford cnty. I don't think she was married before because it looks like she was 14 when she married Johnathan. Incidentally, John's next wife was 16 and had been the next door neighbor when the census was taken. Anyone got any other guesses where I should look. I have tried to find Emma in previous census records but that darn 1890 census keeps getting in the way.

They need to get rid of them blue laws son! Everybody knows open access to booze makes the world a better place. I wish they sold hard liquor in grocery stores up here like they do in AZ.

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A nephew sent me a link to this message. I realize it is 15 years old and am hoping you are still an active member of Abraham Rycken was my 8th great grandfather on my mother's side. The house to which you referred is in East Elmhurst, Queens, New York, It is still standing and occupied. Visit my New Gunn Family Tree 2012 and look at the gallery for Abraham Rycken. My wife, daughter and I toured the estate in 2015 with the present owner, Marion Duckworth Smith. Do not remember coming across any Williams in my research of this line.

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What"s to like? Didn"t he Cancel Public Urination Vagrant laws, encourage Civil Police Disobedience, Hide Criminal Illegals?

Brad Bernthal of the University of Colorado discusses why entrepreneurs are flocking to Boulder and how it is benefiting the state and school.